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Thu 10 Apr
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Experimental Typography using Plants


Experimental Typography using Plants

Wed 9 Apr
Tue 8 Apr
Sun 6 Apr
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Dear anyone responsible for a work of fantasy fiction,

This is how you warrior.


The two watercolor ones are by Marian Churchland, who is THE BEST

the one with a reclining redhead is by Sang Han

From what I can tell, the rest are official art from various games.

I’m officially in love!

Sat 5 Apr
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Client: In the first proof you sent me, the blue is too dark. Now it’s too light.

Me: Do you have a sample of the blue you would like?

Client: The blue needs to be the colour of the sky on a beach in Turkey.

Fri 4 Apr
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typeverything: - Take Control by Luke Ritchie.

typeverything: - Take Control by Luke Ritchie.

Thu 3 Apr

On the periodic table as an exercise in petty nationalism

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Martin Pengelly

Thanks to splendid Guardian boffin Oliver Burkeman for relaying this, originally spotted by Alice Bell. It’s a rendering of the periodic table of elements by the nationality of the discoverers of each element. In so which, it proves:

a) That some Twitter accounts are oddly, belligerently nationalistic
b) That we at the Guardian couldn’t possibly condone such things as applied to the supranational nobility of the sciences
c) That, that said, the UK is 24-21 up on the USA when it comes to such discoveries
d) That that equals a great big E2E booyah for the UK massive, what?
e) That a ‘booyah’ is ‘an exclamatory statement, often said when someone is extremely overjoyed and accompanied by a vigorous hand movement’ (Thank you, Urban Dictionary. Whether this is UK or US slang I’m not sure, though Ali G used it so maybe it’s British? Via the Caribbean? I really don’t know)
and also
f) That Canada doesn’t even place. Slackers.
Very spurious, even childish advantage but advantage nonetheless: UK
Though, come to think of it,the man who sings The Elements, Tom Lehrer is American. All right, we’ll call it a draw. (Photo: GREAT Britain. Not Great Britain … GREAT Britain)